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RedBird Residential

RedBird Residential is a division of our company that was solely created to provide quality IT services to residential customers.

RedBird Residential is held to the same standards as our business division and it is driven by the same values. Our residential services cover a wide variety of technical needs. Give us a call now to receive business level support in your home.

Home Security Camera Install

Your Safety, Our Priority

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Home Is Protected With Top-Quality Security Camera
Installations. From Start To Finish, We Handle Every Detail To
Provide You With Peace Of Mind.

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PC Tune Up

Is your pc feeling sluggish? Does it lock up in the middle of your tasks? Then it’s time for a tune up. Our tune up consists of a comprehensive diagnostics scan to identify the problem areas.

PC Rebuild

Sometimes a complete rebuild is necessary and more cost effective. If you are at your wits end and want to start from scratch we can copy off your data and rebuild your pc.

Hard-Drive Replacement

Having your computer not power up due to a dead hard drive can take you for a spin. Don’t worry, we can help get your computer back to working status. Hard-drive replacements are more complex than hard-drive upgrades so let RedBird take care of it.

Hard-drive upgrade

If you are running out of space on your computer then it’s time for a hard-drive upgrade. We can clone your existing data to a new hard-drive with enough space, and even do it to an SSD (Solid State Drive), if your computer is compatible.

Virus Removal

Are pop-ups out of control when browsing? Are programs suddenly running without your consent? You’ve more than likely acquired a virus or some malware. If you suspect an infection RedBird Resi can help get your computer back to normal.

Remote Support

Some problems will not require a pc drop off. If you simply need assistance with an issue we can connect to your pc remotely. Connections are encrypted and highly secure and automatically removed once the session is complete.

Surveillance System

Boost your home’s safety and market value with a professional security camera install. Post-assessment, we’ll promptly provide you with an estimate for your personalized surveillance system setup or upgrade, awaiting your green light.

Other Services

RedBird Resi is a full-service provider and we offer many other services at an hourly rate. From audio-visual and smart-home device installations, to complete network overhauls. Whatever it is RedBird has you covered.