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The front on a church is West Allies Wisconsin showing the security cameras on the front.

The Importance of a Strong Network, WiFi, and Security Cameras

In West Allis, Wisconsin, the Blessed Hope United Methodist Church had two big problems: their Wi-Fi was weak, and their overall network system was not much better. To make things worse, they had no security cameras to keep an eye on their property. That’s when Redbird Technology Solutions came to the rescue to improve their internet and safety. In this article, we’ll discuss why it’s so crucial to have a strong internet connection, good Wi-Fi, and trustworthy security cameras, especially in places like churches and small businesses.

Strengthening the Network: A Ubiquiti Solution

Redbird Technology Solutions decided to implement a tried-and-true solution – the Ubiquiti product line, specifically the Unifi series. This endeavor began with the installation of a Unifi Dream Router, known for its exceptional performance and reliability. This router acted as the cornerstone for the subsequent network improvements, allowing the integration of five access points throughout the sprawling church premises.

The main sanctuary presented a particularly challenging scenario with its concrete and wood construction. However, the Unifi Dream Router, in combination with strategically placed access points, enabled seamless network coverage even in these demanding conditions.

Wi-Fi as a Lifeline

For the Blessed Hope United Methodist Church, a dependable Wi-Fi network was indispensable. They relied heavily on network-powered activities like video streaming and mixing, necessitating a robust connection. Redbird Technology Solutions addressed this need by deploying Unifi access points, ensuring that every corner of the church enjoyed strong and stable Wi-Fi connectivity.

Crucial areas such as the lounge, youth room, and kids’ area, which are often bustling with activity, were now equipped with reliable Wi-Fi. No longer did attendees have to suffer from dropped bars or inaccessible content. The church could now seamlessly share information, stream services, and engage with their community through their strengthened network.

Enhancing Security with Cameras

In addition to revitalizing the network and Wi-Fi, Redbird Technology Solutions fulfilled the church’s need for surveillance. They installed a 1080p camera system, powered by a Lorex NVR, and included various camera versions tailored to the church’s specific requirements. While 1080p cameras might not be the latest trend, they still offer a highly effective solution for churches and small businesses.

With 1080p cameras strategically placed throughout the church premises, the Blessed Hope United Methodist Church now had the surveillance capability they needed to ensure the safety and security of their congregation, staff, and facilities.


The story of the Blessed Hope United Methodist Church highlights the undeniable importance of a strong network, reliable Wi-Fi, and efficient security cameras. In today’s interconnected world, where digital communication is the norm, these elements are essential for seamless operations, community engagement, and peace of mind.

Redbird Technology Solutions’ successful intervention not only resolved the church’s connectivity and security issues but also served as a testament to the transformative power of technology. For businesses, places of worship, and organizations of all sizes, investing in a robust network infrastructure, Wi-Fi, and security cameras is an investment in their future, ensuring they can connect, communicate, and protect with confidence.

For more information on the products and services utilized in this transformation, don’t hesitate to reach out to Redbird Technology Solutions or by phone (262-475-2615, options one or two). Strengthen your network, enhance your Wi-Fi, and fortify your security with the help of experts who understand the vital role these elements play in today’s digital landscape.